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Fire Rated Load Bearing Mortar system for up to 6 hours protection to compartment floors and walls around service penetrations.

When mixed with water it can be poured or trowelled into service penetration openings, preventing the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases for up to 6 hours.


  • Non-shrinking

  • Load Bearing

  • High compressive and

  • Flexural strength

  • Quick Curing

  • Tested to BS476 Part 20

  • Versatile - easy to modify post-contract

  • Lightweight


A blend of gypsum and inorganic fillers which when mixed with water can be poured or trowelled around even the most complex service penetrations.

Fireus Compound can be mixed to different consistencies and can be poured or trowelled to provide the most suitable method of installation.

Fireus Compound has a very high structural and flexural strength. The blended composition resists shrinkage, cracking or spalling without the requirement of traditional meshing or support.

Additional services can be easily routed through existing cured compound without the use of powertools and simply reinstated with additional compound.

Depending on consistency of mix, Fireus Compound remains workable for approximately 45 minutes. No labour wastage waiting for the product to go off. Also helps coordination of other trade packages essential on fast track programmes.

Fireus Compound has been comprehensively tested including a unique six hour fire test to BS476 pt 20, then subjected to a live load (unsupported) of 600kg and drenched with fire hoses.

Fireus Compound is manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9002 certified quality procedures, Cert.No.9504014
Tested at NAMAS accredited fire testing laboratories to BS476 Parts 20-22 in both vertical and horizontal orientations, Cert.No. WARRES 69679/A, No.60287, No.60288/B

See the product data sheet here 

Safire Compound(Mortar)

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